Young Scholar's Award for ICTPPO 2013!

ICTPPO 2013 will award five young researchers (young postdocs and Ph.D. students)

Please submit your abstract (noted Young Scholar's Award Application in the title), and send it to ictppo2013@gmail.comThe application deadline is July 1, 2013.

We will select 5 young students from all applicants. The 5 awardees will give a presentation in the conference—a session special for young students.

The award is the reimbursement of the registration fee and a document.


Deadline for abstracts is July 15, 2013. Abstract submission requires registration.

Please click here for the ICTPPO Abstract template.

Conference Topics:

1.Structures of tetrapyrrole chromoproteins

2.Signal transduction of tetrapyrrole photoreceptors

3.Chlorophyll metabolisms

4.Biosynthesis and assembly of biliproteins

5.Tetrapyrroles in photosynthesis

6.Applications of tetrapyrroles, including photodynamics and fluorescence labeling

Keynote Speakers (as of today):

N. Adir, H. van Amerongen, C. Bauer, D.A. Bryant, M. Chen, N. Frankenberg-Dinkel, Y. Fujita, W. Gaertner, B. Grimm, R. van Grondelle, S. Hoertensteiner, A.R. Holzwarth, H. J. M. Hou, J. Hughes, J. Koehler, B. Kraeutler, J.C. Lagarias, T. Lamparter, R.C. Lin, M.Z. Luo, J. Moser, D. Noy, H. Scheer, W. Schluchter, J.R. Shen, P. S. Song, R. Willows, C.H. Yang, X.J. Yang, K.H. Zhao